Samsung UN40C7000 40-Inch 1080p 240 Hz 3D LED HDTV (Black)

Sensation of entertainment on television that ‘too ordinary’ make someone who wants to get the right entertainment with efficiency, turned into entertainment prefer to seek the more ‘extraordinary’ outside the home such as cinemas, shopping malls, food center, walking in the park, or just spending time at relatives house. Meanwhile, in a situation of work piling up, the desire to spend time efficiently is indispensable for at least a relaxation after work. Entertainment facilities at home but if hard workers are adequate and meet the desired criteria as sensation entertainment facilities, it will make a person change his mind and prefer to stay home and enjoy all the entertainment that is facilitated by quality television. Samsung UN40C7000 is a complete package for an entertainment device.


3D technology is a successful achievement for a television because it can produce a different sensation when enjoying any impressions delivered through a glass screen. By having this technology, all the images as if ready to jump out and pull you into another dimension that is more real. 3D technology is equipped with a Blu-ray player will be the perfect combination to get the best image display.

To facilitate to the maximum your vision to 3D, 3D glasses are needed in order to balance between the three-dimensional vision and eye.

Smart TV just as a smartphone

This television has the functions and applications like a smartphone in a much larger scale, including the internet. Given that currently dominates the internet has many needs of many people; the television is equipped with Internet connection capability that can expand your entertainment channel. And not just entertainment channels such as video streaming, YouTube, social networking, the development of the latest movies and music, and much more. Connect and continues to expand portal of your favorite digital content, and you’ve got it all.

Full 1080p HD combining well with 240 Hz Clear Motion Rate

When the clarity of color detail, sharp, and vivid powered through 1080p Full HD technology, it will be a more perfect when it meets with 240 Hz Clear Motion Rate are working to provide clarity and precision on every movement rapid as in sports and action movies. Both technologies add to an important point in a more real entertainment sensation.

Game mode

The game mode also became one of virtues in this television. Because the arrangement between regular television channels and the game has several different ways to achieve maximum results in each modes. On the mode of the game, there are several points that are emphasized, they were: improving dark areas, sharpens the picture, accelerate image processing response and enhance the sound of your game. With reactivation the game mode, playing games events become more comfortable and more total.

Excellent sound quality

Excellent sound quality on this television offset the satisfaction of enjoying entertainment. It also became one of the reasons why we prefer to watch movies in theaters. Here, the audio is represented by 10 Watts x 2 audio power stereo broadcast reception: Supports multichannel sound (MTS) and both audio program (SAP) with 181-channel capacity.

Energy Star

Can still save despite being in front of the television in a long time, no longer be a fantasy because the standard energy star on television this would be above the standard set of up to 57%, while Energy Star standards generally only reaches 30%.

Overall television is ideal for most tools can be entertaining in your spare time is not much. Even on weekends, you can spend more time with your family without leaving home.

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